Fibre Installations

Qina Networks installs Fibre to both the business(FTTB) and home(FTTH) to provide high network speeds .

WiFi Installations

Qina Networks installs WiFi to provide internet flexibility for all modern supported devices .

Network Maintenance

Qina Networks maintains all kinds of networks for both business and home networks .

CCTV Installations

Qina Networks installs CCTV for both businesses and homes to provide a layer of security .


Qina Networks installs inverters to provide temporary backup electricity .

Qina Systems

Expert IT solutions

Time Efficient

We always complete tasks as soon as possible for every client as this is a high priority .


We are always there to assist clients with advice and actions .We take ownership ;responsibility ;and joy in delivering the best possible solutions .

We combine our technical skills to provide the best possible solution for business or home .

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The Most Popular Question

Does Qina Networks install Fibre optict for both the home and business ?

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Does Qina Networks install Fibre optict for both the home and business ?

Yes ;we install Fibre to both the home and business to provide high and reliable bandwidth for all .

What do you do ?

Qina Systems specializes in IT Technical Support . We are a Vodacom business partner . We do maintenance and installations for Vodacom .

Qina Systems also specializes in Fibre installations; WiFi installations ; CCTV installations ; Inverter installation.

Why I should select Qina Networks ?

Qina Systems offers good customer service ; is convinient ; and also time efficient to all clients .

Does Qina Networks do WiFi installations ?

Yes ; Qina Systems does WiFi installations as well .

What We Do

All Kind Of IT Solution

Networking Support

Qina Networks develops and maintains Networking systems . We Monitor Network performance ;optimize server capacity ;and secure networks and data .

Fibre To The Home

Qina Networks installs fibre optic to deliver broadband internet to the home .

Fibre To The Business

Qina Networks installs fibre optic to the business that will provide internet at a scale that can manage high demand on the internet line .

WiFi Installations

Qina Networks installs WiFi to provide flexible wireless internet to support modern technology devices .Cellphones ;Tablets ;Laptops ;Printer .

CCTV Installations

Qina Systems installs CCTV as a first level security solution which provides all time security fotages of a business or home .


Qina Networks   provides backup electricity solutions to provide temporary electricity in the absence of Eskom power .